Click picture to ZOOM 'Beauharnais' French vintage crystal chandelier. Click on photo for more details. French Cachet photo
'Beauharnais', lovely pear shaped Empire style one light French vintage crystal chandelier. The upper rim is a coronet adorned with etched flowers upon which are attached large, faceted almond shaped crystals and smaller almond shaped smoked crystals. It is dressed with vertical garlands of octagonal crystals. The middle rim is decorated with large etched flowers. Below the middle rim are semi circular crystal swags interspersed with translucent aqua tear drop crystals. The bottom is adorned with a tiered effect multitude of icicle shaped crystals behind which appear tiny mauve opaque beads. This truly stunning chandelier measures 54 cm high (21.5"), has a diameter of 21 cm (8. ") and a circumference of 68 cm (27 "). It weighs 3.6 kg (7.9 lb ). Click on thumbnails for larger pictures.

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